Monday, December 15, 2008


I have been inactive for blogging here for some weeks. I’m too busy to update my other blogs. But, since I’m still want to keep this blog alive then I will not shut it off and I will trying to keep update this blog even it maybe rarely compared to another. Now, I have started a new opportunity to selling, but I will not say on this post about what I’m trying to selling for now. I will share on this blog or another blog on next post.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Carlsberg New Football Channel

Carlsberg has been launched a new TV channel called as, or you can visit on That’s a new Carlsberg web-TV that dedicated to football fans. Football lovers can find much information about football on there. They must be hope that their new web TV can attract a huge fan of football, and that must be also increased their revenue. This can be their business expansion besides as beer producer. Let we see how they get the market share from football lover..

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Credit Card Payment

At this instant era, where people love everything that simple, people are more likely to using credit card for payment. That’s why accepting credit card for payment is an important to have by any merchant. Credit card acceptance will be attracting more customers to buy on their merchant.
Fivestar payment offer credit card processing for established retail business and also for online shopping website. They are offering an application for new user and also for any merchant who want to change their credit card processor to get lower fee. You can find more information about their service and get low fee credit card processor.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Legal Services

Anyone may need legal service or maybe just legal advice for their business or just their daily life like buying new home, home renting contract, loans, etc. So, even you’re not involving on any crime you may need some legal services.
If you live in New Jersey area you may get help professional lawyer from Central Jersey Legal Service. You can find an attorney to handle your case. You can choose which lawyer that fit to your case based on their specialty, because every lawyer has its own specialty, so you may need different lawyer for different case.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Real Estate Opportunity

Real estate can be a good investment instrument for anyone. If you have funds to invest then you can invest your money on real estate since we’re already known that property wills always increasing in price. It is more valuable than just put your money on bank. Everyone is need home to live with their family. Because of that house will be always looking by everyone. Usually, people will look for house when they will be going to married. That’s was on of their preparation before marriage. Some peoples will buy it and some peoples will rent it if they have not the money yet. Some peoples are also will take home loans to buy their new house. That’s all some choices that all people had. You can choose your own way either.

Flirting Championship

Some peoples said that hair is the women crown. But, it is not just for women, it is also for men. Some peoples or mostly peoples usually using their hair besides their good looking face to flirt to other guys/girls. So, they will style their hair to make it eye catching for their opposite.
I was looking creative idea from hair style product called VO5. Question about it is what you think about victory hair? Victory Hair is when you style your hair to make it sexy and unique so you can make girls, or guys if you’re girls, to starring at you and your hair and also make them feel that the world is yours. There is no one except you and her/him. Can you imagine that? Their creativity is not just that. They’re also have a game called as Ultimate Flirting Championship. You can also be part of them. You can try that game by yourself and tests your skill if you have victory hair or not. You may have to wait 3 peoples to join with you on that online games to start, so maybe it is better if you’re also asked your friend to play with you and you will not have to wait any longer than you play that game alone and waiting for anyone else to join to that game. Now you can get Extreme Style by VO5 and play the game.Enjoy yourself!

For more widgets please visit

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Sunday, August 10, 2008


I’m feeling so bored these days. I don’t know what I want to do, what I have to do, and also what can I write on my blogs. That’s why I just have little post on this blog. I planned to write about my game, not because I create game but because I playing a game. I have shared here and on my other blogs. So if you want to follow my game journey you may have to read all my blog, not just this blog. This is also become my strategy to ask you visit all of my blog, of course if you interested to read my post or want to know how I playing the game. So, I let you visit my other blog, or maybe it is more appropriate term, I ask you to visit my other blogs. Thank you!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Back Online

I’m back online after for a week my unlimited internet connection has been shutdown. From yesterday I have subscribe new internet connection so I can online for 24 hours again. But, there is another problem for me. I have a problem with my modem. I can’t connect my internet using PPPoE mode, and I have to using Bridge mode for now. I can connect to the internet but the problem is I still cannot share the connection with my friends. If I’m using Bridge mode then just one connection for same account can be established. Now, I’m still have to looking how to share my internet connection and also find my modem problem.

Cisco Certification

I was working as an IT staff for two years. Since the company didn’t have special department for IT then my job was every IT related thing on that company. I have to maintained company information system, networking, and also hardware troubleshooting.
There were a lot of experiences I’ve got from my job. I was learning many things that I didn’t ever have on college. It was not just a theory but a real thing. Sometime you’ll never know until you faced it by yourself. I was never having any real experiences before but when I was on real job then I have to face it, even I just have a little knowledge before. I think it is never enough to get knowledge just from college without practicing in a real job. If you want to seriously working in networking world then I think Cisco training is a must for now, since as far as I know they are being world wide networking standard compliant for networking infrastructure and equipments.
Cisco certification can be a value added for you if you want to get a job as network administrator. You will get higher chance, higher position, and of course you will also get higher potential income from your job. There is one or more Cisco certification that you can take. You can take which certification that suit with your interest. It can be about routing, voice, storage, wireless, or else. I think career on computer networking has a bright future, since with computer networking we can connect whole world and computer networking will be growing bigger. So, don’t miss your chance on networking world with Cisco.

Sponsored by Cisco

Abandoned Blog for A While

I think I have abandoned this blog for long time enough. It is about to months from my last post. I was busy to maintain my other blogs so I can’t handle this blog. I have told about my two blogs besides this blog. I’m glad that I can get my Google Pagerank back for my blog. But, another blog of mine also has decreased for Google Pagerank. But, at least it still has Pagerank for that blog. Now, I’m still have to increase my blog readership and also for Alexa stat, that’s mean I have to bringing more traffic to my blog. There’re still a lot of thing to do for those blogs.

Friday, May 30, 2008

In Plain Sight

Action drama is one of a kind of show which I like very much. This is one of upcoming show that I want to watch. It will be coming soon on June, 1st. I’m very interesting about this show, even just by looking the site and some characters profile. The one that I tell is about USA Network's new original series In Plain Sight. I hope I can watch it as soon as possible. While you are waiting to watch this show, I challenge you to find this image, hidden In Plain Sight. As an overview, this show will be telling about Mary Shannon, starring by Mary McCormack, which as a job to protecting federal crime witnesses. To be more excited just take a look more overview on their official site and don’t forget to watch the show on June, 1st.
Sponsored by USA Network's new original series In Plain Sight

Travian Online Game

I was once knew about this game, Travian, from ads on this blog. I don't like playing online game much and actually I never have played online game yet before. So this is my first online game that I ever play. I play this game just for fun while I'm browsing or doing something on internet, while I'm writing or download some mangas, songs, programs, or movies. I'm not take this seriouslly. I don't want be addicted by this game. I prefer to do anything else, and there are a lot of thing that more important that I have to do in my time. Picture above shows my stat after playing this game for almost 2 weeks. It's still small village.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

A Way to Monetize Your Blog

Maybe if you familiar with online money making then you must be already knew some program to make money through your blog. We can put ads, by personal negotiation or maybe we can also put ads from third party like Google Adsense, Kontera, Bidvertiser, Amazon, Yahoo Publisher, or some ads service similar with all of them.
Other way to earn money with your blog is by join on paid to blog program or some people call this as paid review. One of paid review service is SocialSpark. They give you chance to join their blog network to monetize your blog. Maybe some people just write their blog just for their hobby. I think if you can get more than just to fulfill hobby need why you don’t monetize your blog by writing some reviews in your blog about other sites. There are some benefits if you join program like this. Beside you will earn money from your blog, you will also build blog network with other bloggers and bring traffic to your own blog because your blog will be known by other members on their network.
There are some differences on SocialSpark service compared with other similar services on internet. I mean some other paid review service similar with them. Their differences come from their code of ethics as paid reviewer, such as:
o 100% Audit-able In-Post Disclosure
o 100% Transparency
o 100% Real Opinions
o 100% Search Engine Friendly
That all I can tell for you now. One more thing that I like from their service is they’re not asked Google PageRank as their parameter but they use their own rank which they called as RealRank. This is one more difference from others.
Sponsored by SocialSpark

Blog Empire

Ehm…what do you think if you read title above? I thought where someone have many blogs with huge number of visitors and give their owner much money from it. Who don’t want to have this? I think everyone who you asked will be answered “I want it!” I’m not saying that money is the most important thing for our life. Money is important for our life but not the most important. There is more important thing in our life than money.
Who have Blog Empire already? Based on my definition or terms than I still don’t know who are having many blog with criteria above. I know some blogs that give their owner much money, but as far as I know they just have one blog that giving money to them. Their other blogs just they use to support their main blog. If you know who is someone that have “Blog Empire” that you may let me know and let others know here.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Journyx Timesheet

They have a unique name for their website. When we do a project then to satisfy our customer we have good time frame when we will finished our job. Time sheet can help us to do it right. This Journyx site provide time and expenses software. You also found free to try Online Time and Expense on their site. You free to try this tool for 45 days. To convinced you to use it for your company or not then you can see Timesheet success stories to help you decide that it will give you benefit or not. Just browse their site and you will get more information and experience.

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Monday, May 26, 2008

Free Stuff Page

I keep trying to improve Personal Business Media Blog. A few days ago I decided to added new page on my blog. That page contain some links of free stuffs and some opportunities to share for all readers. I will share some free stuff I've got and also share some opportunity I've joined already to make more money through my site. I will try to keep adding more stuffs for that page.
Besides to share some free stuffs and opportunities I also want to take experiment for this method to get more traffic and back links. I want to see that this page will increase my blog readership and link back to my blog. I can't see any effect from this method.
I'll see it for a while and try to keep updating that page. I'm still looking for some recources to share through that page. I hope will be found more resources soon and hope will be more traffic for my blog.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Long Time No Posting

It has been a long time, about one month, I don't have even just one post on this blog. My concentration is on my new blog on Business Media Blog. I am keep trying to get more money from my site. One of my earning source from my site is from ads like on left sidebar about debt management, you can found any information there. If someone want to earn some money from their site then placing ads on their site is one of money source and if you can't looking any advertiser for your site by your self then we can looking for affiliate program like this. Primarily, this program is for Finance and Insurance for now. So, if you have some site about finance or insurance you can try this service for your site. That's all for now and I hope I will keep on updating this blog also beside my new blog although I have an idea to start some new blogs.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008


This is a blog of a webmaster, but he is not writing about web design or anything about website specifically on this blog. This blog called as machinbidule.
He share about his life, and how he like to blogging, just like what he has wrote on his about page, he will say “I got to blogging, let us postpone our call!”. It’s show us how much he love to blogging. What was interesting for me when I visit his blog is the fat cat picture. It’s so fat and funny cat. I don’t like cat, except Garfield, but when I was looking the picture I thought that the cat is so funny cat. And Of course that’s just a little of his blog. He also write about web design, his personal thought, like his post titled as God, and also about software. It’s just like his interest on computer. He also has interest on web programming using PHP, ASP, and some kinds like that to build a site.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Sporty Blogger

Why do I choose “Sporty Blogger” as post title? That’s because the blog that I want to share is about sports. Especially it’s about Ohio state sports site.
For someone who like sports may share their hobbies by blogs. This blog give reviews for sport, specifically for NFL, football, and basketball. This site featured with Ohio State player and recruit interviews. You can get a lot of information on this site. They provide some interviews with basketball athletes and others. You also can get some reviews about sports league. I think I also have to mention it, this site not just provide information but let you discuss about sports with admin and other members. They provide forum on this site besides just news link. So, you can find information and discuss with others and if you think you have any news that doesn’t mentioned yet, you can also share to the forum. At last, if you like about sports, this site would be one of your choices to visit.

Friday, April 11, 2008

My Another Blog

I want to introduce my another blog here. That blog I created to share any thoughts and any knowledge. I also will share about my personal life. That is my second blog, but actually that blog is my first self hosted blog. It powered by Wordpress. After I started this "Blog For You", so I want to create another blog, then I buy a domain and create that blog. That blog titled as The Flipping Magazine. I hope it will bring more traffic to my blog and share more things with others. I still learn and I hope to create better blog.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Download From Blocking Youtube Site

For some country site has been blocked. From this week, is also blocked from Indonesia. But, we still can surfing youtube site using Proxy Server like Proxy Review or Ninja Proxy and some program like that. But maybe we still have problems to download video file from youtube site. An alternative way to download video from youtube, you can use Mozilla Firefox and install Video Downloader Plugin. Plugin name is video downloadhelper.
You just need install this plugin if you already have Mozilla Firefox browser. Then open your video link through proxy service, wait till video show to your browser. If it done, then click the icon and you will get the file name, click on filename and the plugin will download it for you. Mission complete!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Hostgator Error

Today I can't access to Hostgator site. I still don't know what happen with this site. I try to searching on internet if there are some news about this error but I still can't found. I don't know the problem is on hostgator site or on my internet connection. Hope this problem faster to resolve. Please let me know if you read this post and you know about it you can share here.

Friday, April 4, 2008

Nokia N-96

Mobile phone has become an important thing in daily life or maybe it has been a life style too. Mobile phone has been evolving to not just as a communication device but also as a multimedia device. Nokia as one of the biggest mobile phones developer, continually improving their product to fill their customer needs. They not just help to communicate with others but also provide a one stop service for multimedia and entertainment center.

Nokia has presence Nokia N-96 as the next generation for Nokia N-95 that comes early. They make some improvement from N-95. With all feature on Nokia N-96, this phone can be said as a personal window to entertainment. This phone offer ability to capture high quality photos and video that supported by Carl Zeiss optic, flash, and video light. For a superb music experience, the Nokia N96 features media keys, a 3.5 mm headphone connector and built-in 3D stereo speakers. It’s supported by large amount of memory spaces too. They provide 16 GB built in memories and up to 8 GB expandable memory card, so it’s total up to 24 GB of available memory. Like I said before, these phones become one stop service for communication and entertainment. You can see complete information and feature on their website, Nokia N-Series or looking for other products.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Live TV

Picture can tells more than words. We must have heard about this, but maybe trend will be changing, picture will be not enough to express words, we need more than picture and that will be videos.

If we have blogs, words are not enough so we place pictures. Now, pictures maybe are not enough so we can add videos. Maybe from this idea than a site those provide live TV, youttube like, has been created. Through this site we can have live show, which we can be an actor or an audience. We can show our talents and opinion lives, we just need a camera and they bring the stage! Besides that we can see live broadcast of people’s life! Technology has been changing and blog will also keep changing, keep blogging!

Shooping Cart Software

As I wrote on my previous post about Shopping Cart, Ashop Commerce has leading US ecommerce software. Many users from novice to professional has proof their service reliability and their rich features.

Their service is worth to try. Maybe there are some free E-commerce cart scripts like on fantastico, but for some people it need hard skill to doing this and maybe it’s hard to modified by you. If we use Ashop Commerce service they will provide full supports for your business, it’s customizable to suit any business model. If we still confused to use their service, they have provided ten days free trial for us, no need credit card. We can try it first before decide to use their service or maybe we have to looking others software or pay someone to build a completely new system for our complex business model, and that’s must be expensive, that’s why Ashop Commerce is worth to try. But, once more you decided what you want to choose, try and maybe use it or pay someone else to build a system for you! Good Luck!

Monday, March 24, 2008

Happy Easter!

Today is Easter. Long time before Christ was born, Easter held to celebrate Israel exodus from Egypt. But, after Christ was born or after His resurrection Easter is celebrate Jesus Christ resurrection after He was crossed in Golgotha.

For Christian (and I am), Easter being a proof of God’s love for anyone who believe in His name, Jesus Christ. He brings salvation for us by His cross. He gave His life for us to bring peace between us and our Father in Heaven. He has calling us to belief Him through His cross. For we who have been belief in Him, have been send to spread His Words and His resurrection to all people around us.

Where is your position right now? Have you believe in Him? If you have believed in Him, have you spread His Words and His resurrection? It’s our called as a Christian, to live for Jesus Christ.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Credit Card Review

Simplicity, maybe it’s the word which can be a symbol for what people are looking for these days. Simplicity is also valid for what people want with their money or how they can shop. One way to make shop simpler is by credit card.

Nowadays, it has been easier to getting credit card, and now we even can apply for credit cards online through internet. One site that offers credit card application online through internet is credit card network. On their site you can found some reviews about various credit cards from any different cards issuer. Before apply for credit card, you can do your research based on card issuer or based on credit card features such as, low interest, cash back, rewards, etc. After that, you can compare between various credit cards that best fit to your need, and then you can apply instantly for your chosen credit card with an online application.

They make you easily to choose credit card that best suit to you by giving review for every single credit card they over and also give rating to them, so you will get credit card that have best performance and suit to your need. They not just provide credit card application but also give you suggestion how to use your credit card wisely. If you are not use your credit card wisely, make sure you can pay the bill, credit card will not make your life simpler but will make your life in troubles. You can try their services and getting more information from their blog.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Online Casino Review Site (Part 2)

Besides my last post about an online casino review site there are still many site that offer similar service like that, provide review about any online casino on internet. You can find which online casino that best suit to you, which will give you best service, bonus, game, and the most important thing is which site that you can trust.

Overall, this online casino review site has similar service with the other one I mentioned before. They have top 20 reviewed online casino lists, summary of bonus, editors rating, players rating, and certificate. Through this site banners you may also get sign up bonus greater than what the online casinos offer directly. You can even get lists of best US online casinos by player votes and for some people that new to online gambling they provide beginners guide to online gambling link. So, which one online casino review site that matched to you is decided by yourself, all I can do just give you choices. I give you the site and you decide!

Online Casino Review Site

What is your opinion about gambling? Some people, maybe major people don’t agree with gambling. If people want to gamble they can go to a casino. But, now people do not always need to going to out of their house, they can play casino online through internet.

This is a posting about online casino, but it’s not about the casino itself. I want to talk about a site that reviewing any online casino site on the internet. They provide hundreds lists of online casino site. They have done their researched about online casino on internet world to make people easier to choose which online casino has best service, rating, and payout rate. People can simply show an individual online casino site review to know their service, bonus, and games they have. Reviews on their site not just based on their editors rating, but also from the players. It can save your time to searched the best online casino and make you more secure to play with your money.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Shopping Cart

The world is changing everyday. People is looking everything that will simply their life. Internet can change how people live. If they usually going to supermarket or any places like that to find their needs, now people starting to find their needs online through internet.

Based on how people live has changed, then business owners has to follow the changed. It's not enough to have an offline business, business owners need to starting to improve theirs, make their business online, and to make their business online they need a shopping cart.

Not all business owners can make their shopping cart by themselves, that's why a service like ashopcommerce there to help business owners to fulfill their customers needs, by selling their goods or service online. They make business to online easier. Business owners can get best suit cost for implementation, easy to use web based interface, SSL, customizable for any business, search engine friendly, so people can find easier, and many more.

Now, it's time to changing, make a business online and get our customers more satisfied with our services, off course that will be increasing our earning higher.


Blog Advertising - Get Paid to Blog
Blogging, terms for people writing on web log (people used to call it blog), there are a lot of people doing this around the world. Some of them like to share their life or just share their opinion and knowledge. I like to blogging to share my opinion and knowledge.

Some people even can get money from their blog. Nowadays, blog can be one of an effective way to promote our business. We can have our own blog or we can pay people to write their opinion about our site or our services. Smorty is the one of paid to blog broker. Smorty is a service that connecting advertisers and blogger. Advertisers can pay blogger to write their opinion about advertisers service and links back to the advertisers site.

So, if you want to try to advertise on blogs you can try their service, you will get competitive price from them. For bloggers, you can get paid to write your opinion about advertisers site, so you're not just write for yourself but you will get paid for blogging.This is an interested opportunity, isn't?

Backlink Builder

Google Pagerank has been an indicator for a site quality, even maybe for some people Google Pagerank can’t reflect the content quality. But, usually site with higher PR will have higher value to sell or to place advertiser ads. Advertiser will pay more to place ads on high PR site and for people who looking for domain to buy a domain will check the PR, higher PR will cost more.

Google pagerank is counting by how much link that link back to a site, its called backlink. But, it is importance thing to know that not every backlink has good quality to a site and helps a site to have better pagerank. So, have a lot of backlink is not enough to help you rank better on search engine. Like describe on backlink builder website, a backlink could be considered as a Quality Backlink if:
o The Theme of the backlinking website is the same as your website.
o It links to your website with the keyword (keyphrase) that you are trying to optimize for.

Backlink builder can help you to find websites that match to your theme and contain keyphrases like “Add URL”, “Add Site”, “Add link”, “Submit URL”, etc. Most of the results could be quality potential backlinks. You can get some website and start to add your URL manually. You can try this service and see how this way helps you to rank better on search engine.

Backlink Building : Content management | Free Web Hosting | Search engine optimisation | SEO

Monday, March 17, 2008

Online Billiard

Sometime, when you surf on the internet you will bore to searching information on internet. When you feeling bored, you can have relaxation with playing some games online on internet. Online billiards can be your choice to playing a game. They offered online billiard, snooker and online pool. You can enjoy their great site design that user friendly and the games it self. If you interested, you can also be their affiliate to earn some money with them. Start your game to release your stresses!

Tracking Your Vehicle

Since a long time ago transportation has been part of our life. The differences are on technology behind the vehicle. New vehicle come with more sophisticated technology to support their functionality so people who ride it fell more convenience and safe to travel anywhere they want to go, and last but not least peoples want more cost efficiency.

Actually, efficiency is not just about how much money we have to pay for some distances we took, but also how much Carbon dioxide(CO2) we produce from our vehicle. We’re all knows that one of hot issue in whole world now is global warming. Cars pollution is a source of glass house effect. We can start to take participation to stop global warming by make our transportation more efficient, we have to try to control it. It’s not just help to stop global warming but it will make you pay less, especially if you have an expedition company or service and trucking company, or even a public transportation.

It can be a real problem to control any expenses for our vehicle which not driven by our self. We need help by some tools. GPS Insight vehicle tracking system can be one of the best choices for your solution. This tool can help you to tracking your vehicles, positions, fuel consumption, idle time, etc. By using their services you can monitoring your vehicle and evaluate your driver or employee efficiency and performance and it can help you to make a right management decision.

With GPS Insight you have ability to report activity detail, fuel consumption, speed violation, vehicle performance, landmark activity, odd hours, Geofence violation, and many others that you can found on their site. With this reports you can make decision to control and how to make your service more efficient so you cost lower and you have more earning. You can also monitor your employee performance, which employee have cheating you or which employee have a good works. This service will not increase your expense much, because it’s cost just $1.5 - $2 per day per vehicle and they don’t bind you to a contract (they offer 60 day cancellation). It also will not give you any difficulties to install because it can be installed by yourself, it’s just an easy thing!

For conclusion, GPS Insight is the right choice for you, who have service and trucking company or any services like them to control your all vehicle to make it more efficient. They offer great service with great price and support. If you interested, you can get their web support on GPS Insight support wiki for customers. You also can read experience from their customers here or read on blog for GPS vehicle tracking.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Fashion School

What do you think about fashion? Fashion can’t be separated from our life. Fashion has been part of all people around the world and People looking New York for fashion styles and trends. We know that a lot of fashion designers come from New York, that is one reason why New York can be a trendsetter of fashion styles for people around the world, and they pay more for this. Now you can be part of New York fashion designer by join on New York fashion school.

There are many New York fashion schools can be your good start to be a fashion designer. You can get a lot of information from this site, fashion schools New York. They provide information about some fashion schools or college in New York and some state near you on California, Georgia, Illinois, even Canada and many more. They provide schools or college location, available course, and so on. This site also gives you some explanation about fashion design basic, career options for fashion designer, fashion marketing, and fashion merchandising, there are a lot of information from them for you who is interested to be fashion designer.

So, I think it can be a good choice for every people to get any information about fashion designer and where you can get some education to be a great fashion designer. Especially if you want to get information about fashion school in New York you can check this site out as your good references.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

New ATI Radeon HD3800

ATI Radeon HD3800, new graphic card with amazing performance from AMD. This card built with 55nm technology that bring a graphic card that runs quiet and cool, designed for ultimate HD gaming and HD movie playback that supports Blu-Ray and HD-DVD.
ATI Radeon HD 3800 Series – Key Features:
•Ultimate Microsoft® DirectX® 10.1 Performance
•Over 1 teraFLOPS of Compute Power
•ATI CrossFireX™ multi
•PCI Express® 2.0
•Unified Video
•Ultimate Image Quality
•Integrated Digital Outputs
•More Processing Performance per Watt
•ATI PowerPlay™ Technology
•Runs Cool and Quiet.
It will be a dream for gamers and anybody that wants pure HD compatible devices that offers a HD video and audio supports. It’s also offer a great performance for graphic designer and movie editor, save CPU time to do other tasks.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Intel Atom

One thing that’s I like to know is about technology. I just have to know about new Intel processor designed specifically for Mobile Internet Devices (MIDs), it’s called Intel Atom. The Intel Atom processor is based on an entirely new micro architecture designed specifically for small devices and low power. It’s supports multiple threading for better performance and better responsiveness, all of this on a chip less than 25 mms, make it smallest and lowest processor yet. It has thermal design power (TDP) 0.6-2.5 watts range, while today’s mainstream Core 2 Duo has TDP in 35 watt range. On Mobile Internet Devices, Intel Centrino Atom, formerly codenamed “Menlow”, includes Intel Atom processor, a low-power companion chip with integrated graphics, a wireless radio, and thinner and lighter designs. All of this will gives all benefit for their customers to have a small device with powerful performance, smaller size with greater ability, it’s also help to save energy and then also step ahead to stop global warming.

Thursday, February 28, 2008


It’s about Sedo, but I will not tell about domain parking, I will tell about domain auction, especially for Monthly Premium Auction. Through this auction we have a chance to get high quality domain, for buyers, and a high price, for sellers. They guarantee the selling from the first bidding or the price has met the reserve price. Sedo has some criteria to pick domain for listed on Monthly Premium Listing :
• The domain is short, a real word and is easy to remember.
• It is a generic domain, e.g. like, or
• The domain is easy to spell and not prone to typographical errors.
• The domain is product-related and therefore has a high commercial value.
• The domain doesn’t violate any third party rights (e.g. trademark rights)
• The TLD geographically matches the language of the domain name.
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Wednesday, February 27, 2008


This is one of forum that I’m on it. This forum, adminbuzz, dedicated for anyone who interested on online business, web masters, or anything about internet to discuss it. It’s a new forum, it has been started on January 2008, although this new forum and it hasn’t a lot of members yet, but I think this forum worth to try and be active members to post question or share your experience with others. Many of them has a lot of experiences on online business and internet marketing, so you can ask them, give feedback, or share your own experience. You can join the forum here. Let’s share our experiences to others!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Lunarpages Web Hosting

I’m newly know about this hosting company and I think they have a great offer for all of us that interested on online business or just want to hosted some website. Lunarpages Web Hosting born from add2net in 2000. They have three Data Centers and has hosting over 150.000 satisfied customers world wide. One of their package offer is Basic Hosting Plan, it has 1,500 GB storage, 15,000 GB bandwidth transfer, unlimited add-on domain, and many more with just as little as $6.95 per month, you can check complete feature and offer on Lunarpages website. The other great offers from them are affiliate program, we can be their affiliate to promote and bring customers to them and they will give great rewards for us, you can check this offer here. So, we will have at least 2 benefits, cheap and great hosting plans and opportunity to earn money from affiliate program. Check the great offer now and start to host your own website or be an affiliate!

Monday, February 18, 2008

Domain Parking's so long I haven't writing on my blog...Now I'm trying to parking a domain. I have a domain about blog but it's so little people visit the site, so I decide to try parking the domain. It's doesn't give big revenue but I think it's not bad for beginner and better than it's giving nothing. I hope revenue will increasing day by day. Good Luck for me and all of you too...

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Amega Meeting

Last night I came to Amega meeting, they show how Amega's network plan and some testimony from some users and affiliates. They show how Amega can improving user's power by using Amega products (necklace, bracelet, watch, etc) or by drinking water that has improved quality by Amega product by swinging around Amega product to a glass of water and then one of audience ask to drink that water. After that he compare the same test before and after drink the water, he said that he has more power after drink the water. Besides health and stamina, Amega offering a great opportunity to have a big income, one of the leader gives testimony that nowadays she earn $1000/day even without doing anything anymore, she has retired rich. What about you?

Monday, January 21, 2008

Health and Wealth

Healthy is a very important thing in our life, doesn't matter how much money may we have, without health we can't do anything. Maybe tha's the reason there are many health care products. One of them is Amega. They are providing bracelets, necklaces, wrist watches from Titanium. It's products have Bio-Magnetic Therapy, Far Infrared, and Nanotechnology feature. It can improve our health and body resistance against bad environment, Pollution, Electrosmog, and Unhealthy Lifestyle. You can go here to get further information. On the other side Amega gives you not just chance to be healthy person but to be a wealthy person too, you can check the opportunity here, of course just if you want to be health and wealth! Choose your own decision!

Thursday, January 10, 2008


Besides news about Mr. Soeharto, news that always hot is about celebrities. I think not just in Indonesia or some country but maybe it's happen on celebrities in all countries, even maybe not all of them. Some news that often to be gossip is about celebrities' love's affairs. In Indonesia today celebrities that have hot gossip are Bams(Samson) - Agnes Monica, Tyas Mirasih-Ricky Harun, Marshanda-Evan, Tukul Arwana-a girls at beauty clinic. Actually (personally) hard to me to believing all about it, but sometime, gossip is coming true, like what happened with Bambang Trihatmojo and Mayangsari, at the beginning they always denied that they have been married but at last they were proofed that they have been married. So I don't know how do you react with all news or gossip about celebrities?

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Mr. Soeharto

After few days Mr. Soeharto, ex President of Indonesia, stayed at RSPP Jakarta, his condition is getting worst. He suffer complication, heart, kidney, lungs, low Hb. Although for some peoples hate, but some other peoples, and I think a lot enough, still loves him and proud to have a president like him. They also express their proud by prays for his health. On the other side, some peoples still try to get Mr. Soeharto in jailed. However, both of them are true, as human Mr. Soeharto still have right to getting attention on his health conditions but justice also must be the truth. What about you?

Friday, January 4, 2008


I was on vacation 29 Dec 2007 till 01 Jan 2008 ago. I use my vacation to gathered with my family, my mom and my sisters. I was enjoyed enough my vacation. I had attended wedding party and went to zoo. This included on community that I like and i want to always staying on my life. I'm very enjoying every time I'm going with my family on vacation even sometimes there is some little thing annoyed, but overall I like that moment. Another thing that I love is my nephew, my first sister's son, he's 10 months old, he so funny and fat enough, so cute to play with him. Now vacation has over and I have come back to my real life and hope to live better this year. Happy New Year. What about your vacation and your hope?

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