Saturday, December 29, 2007


secretI really don’t have specific idea for my blog. On this post I will share about a film that I have watched last Tuesday, Secret. This is a film by Jay Chou, Taiwanese actor and also a singer. This film is about two people, a boy and a girl that loves music, especially piano. The story begins when Xiao Yi (Lun-Mei Guey) found a music notes that have a title “Secret” on the old piano in music room, and she plays the notes. When the music done she time traveled to some time in the future where she meet Lun (Jay Chou). She is only can seen by person that she saw at first sight after played the notes. They were fell in love. Her journey is not always success, because not always Lun at her first sight. One day there is an misunderstanding when Xiao Yi saw Lun has kissing Chin Ying (Tseng Kai-Xuan). She was sad and decided not to met Lun again. On her actual time she tells the story to her teacher, but her teacher thought that she has no normal mind, her teacher tells her friends to make her convenient, but what they do is the opposite, even her mother has same reaction with her teacher, not believes her. She’s so depressed and decides to discontinue her study. The story is not end yet, but I think it’s better if I left some secret and let you watched on yourself.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007


Actually, I create this blog to share what I have learned or sometime about my hobbies too. I have some hobbies, like internet, comics, programming, little about nursery, politics, argue. I think that are the most I like. Sometime ago I don’t understand what I will write on my blog, but on these days I read some blogs and I have some idea to share on my blogs. First time I create this blogs when I knew about adsense and want to trying do that business, but I have failed. Nowadays, I knowing other opportunity to make money from our blog, then I started to search more information and started to activate my blog again. Now, I starting that strategy even still as beginner and just have a little value for now. I have commitment to do this on my best and giving my best effort to gives more value for them. The reason I like to try this business is I want to have a jobs that have a flexible time when I can do it, so I can more flexible to arrange my time to help other people on charity that I have been involved. I hope through this blog, I can build community too. Community has a deep meaning for me.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

A few days ago I’ve got a link to On this site, he gives some tips, 20 ways, to increase alexa rank. I want to cite some tips on this post that I think useful and need to try:
- Put Alexa rank widget on your blog
- Get Friends to review your blog
- Write or blog about Alexa
- Put in Asian social networking
- Hire forums poster
- Pay CyberCafe to install Alexa toolbars and set your site as their homepage
Maybe that was some tips that need to try to increase our Alexa rank, besides we still have to continually build our readers community. Good Luck!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Internet E-Commerce Merchant Accounts Service

Nowadays, credit card has been a part of life style. People can have more easily. Sometimes, peoples prefer to shopping at stores that received credit card. Credit card can make transaction more simply because we doesn't need to bring cash. Cash has more risk to take on large amount, checks maybe less practical for merchant and maybe time consuming.
The problem is not all stores can easily have swipe terminal, or some online stores like adults, online pharmacies, legal gambling allowed by credit card provider to use their services as payment processor. This problem maybe not urgently to be solved but maybe for some businesses, this problem is urgently to be solved.
Based on this problem offer a solution to any merchant that want to solves the problem. They offer services to any merchant that maybe not accepted by others because has high risk businesses such as legal gambling or another. They accept customer that own online internet business, a retail shop, or high risk offshore. You can get more information about the ir services on and decide if you will use their services or not.

Search Engine Marketing and Promotion Services

We're all must be know that if we're on online business, where we use internet for marketing our product or service, traffic is very important to our website. If we talk about traffic, I think we talk about our ranking on search engine, if we have big traffic our rank will be higher and if we have higher rank, we can have more traffic.
Ranking is very important thing, but not all people have skills how to promote theirs. That's what I will talking about, search engine marketing and promotion services, tools that we can help peoples that don't have any skills to promote their website. We can use their services so we're not necessary to promote our website, so we can more concentrate to our product or services.
One of the tools that we can use is They offer to bring your website to top rank of some popular search engine such as, Google, yahoo, MSN, AOL, Netscape,, and Altavista. They have great reports, management tools, and consultation team with low price. They also give you satisfaction guarantee. They say that in many scenarios this strategy gives you result on 2-4 weeks. Ranking is very important to gives you more traffic and make your website more valuable so what ever your online business is, maybe you can try this services! Take a look complete information on

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Bloggerwave Acceptance

Hey, this morning I'm so happy when I check my email. I was accepted by BLOGGERWAVE! I don't think that I will approved, but actually I have really really hope that thing happen, and today that dreams come true to me, although I still have no jobs for today but that make me happy enough for today. I hope next time i will have jobs to do to start earn money for this blogs! Maybe you should join together on this BLOGGERWAVE. OK, see you on next post!
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Saturday, December 8, 2007


Today i found new opportunity to monetize blogs. I found Bloggerwave from one blog that accidentally I found. This bloggerwave offer a great opportunity for all of you. It's come to all country and have some high payment for the jobs. If you like writing, It's a must to try, free and easy to register. Just register to Bloggerwave setup your blog and start to make more money with your blog! Keep to blogging

Friday, December 7, 2007

New Experience

This week I found some new opportunity on internet that we can earn more money. One of them that I try is paid survey on Survey Savvy. This one accept participant from Indonesia, cause I’m from Indonesia, but I don’t know yet if this survey really can give me some money because during this week not even one survey that I have received from them. I’m from Indonesia, so maybe because of that, it’s very rarely surveyor that match with my profile. I’m now still waiting this paid survey and some survey from another surveyor, and I will share the other on my next blog.

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