Thursday, August 14, 2008

Flirting Championship

Some peoples said that hair is the women crown. But, it is not just for women, it is also for men. Some peoples or mostly peoples usually using their hair besides their good looking face to flirt to other guys/girls. So, they will style their hair to make it eye catching for their opposite.
I was looking creative idea from hair style product called VO5. Question about it is what you think about victory hair? Victory Hair is when you style your hair to make it sexy and unique so you can make girls, or guys if you’re girls, to starring at you and your hair and also make them feel that the world is yours. There is no one except you and her/him. Can you imagine that? Their creativity is not just that. They’re also have a game called as Ultimate Flirting Championship. You can also be part of them. You can try that game by yourself and tests your skill if you have victory hair or not. You may have to wait 3 peoples to join with you on that online games to start, so maybe it is better if you’re also asked your friend to play with you and you will not have to wait any longer than you play that game alone and waiting for anyone else to join to that game. Now you can get Extreme Style by VO5 and play the game.Enjoy yourself!

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