Wednesday, April 16, 2008


This is a blog of a webmaster, but he is not writing about web design or anything about website specifically on this blog. This blog called as machinbidule.
He share about his life, and how he like to blogging, just like what he has wrote on his about page, he will say “I got to blogging, let us postpone our call!”. It’s show us how much he love to blogging. What was interesting for me when I visit his blog is the fat cat picture. It’s so fat and funny cat. I don’t like cat, except Garfield, but when I was looking the picture I thought that the cat is so funny cat. And Of course that’s just a little of his blog. He also write about web design, his personal thought, like his post titled as God, and also about software. It’s just like his interest on computer. He also has interest on web programming using PHP, ASP, and some kinds like that to build a site.

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Prabin said...

Thanks for the review!!

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