Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Sporty Blogger

Why do I choose “Sporty Blogger” as post title? That’s because the blog that I want to share is about sports. Especially it’s about Ohio state sports site.
For someone who like sports may share their hobbies by blogs. This blog give reviews for sport, specifically for NFL, football, and basketball. This site featured with Ohio State player and recruit interviews. You can get a lot of information on this site. They provide some interviews with basketball athletes and others. You also can get some reviews about sports league. I think I also have to mention it, this site not just provide information but let you discuss about sports with admin and other members. They provide forum on this site besides just news link. So, you can find information and discuss with others and if you think you have any news that doesn’t mentioned yet, you can also share to the forum. At last, if you like about sports, this site would be one of your choices to visit.

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