Thursday, July 1, 2010

Advancing Oxidative Stress Technology

Health is a precious thing for us. We can say that we can’t buy the health, but we can keep our health by consume right food and supplement. Today, I see a site of company named as OXIS. From their site, we can know their main area is on research and development of product that counteract the harmful effect of oxidative stress.
One intellectual property that they have is named as Ergothioneine, or also called as ERGO. The lead compound of their product called as BXT-51072 and Glutathione Peroxidase. The benefits of ERGO are maintain antioxidant, increase oxidation of fat, protect mitochondria, reduce damaging effect of ultraviolet radiation, neutralizes oxidative stress, and also protects against the effect of neurotoxin. In simple way, I think it can be describe that ERGO help us as antioxidant to against free radical and besides our health it’s also affect as anti aging.
You can see more information about their research and anything about them on their OXIS site, You may also follow them on their OXIS Twitter, Oxis on Twitter, and OXIS Facebook, Oxis on facebook. You may discuss anything you interested with them or with others using available social media or their site.

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