Monday, May 19, 2008

Long Time No Posting

It has been a long time, about one month, I don't have even just one post on this blog. My concentration is on my new blog on Business Media Blog. I am keep trying to get more money from my site. One of my earning source from my site is from ads like on left sidebar about debt management, you can found any information there. If someone want to earn some money from their site then placing ads on their site is one of money source and if you can't looking any advertiser for your site by your self then we can looking for affiliate program like this. Primarily, this program is for Finance and Insurance for now. So, if you have some site about finance or insurance you can try this service for your site. That's all for now and I hope I will keep on updating this blog also beside my new blog although I have an idea to start some new blogs.

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