Wednesday, January 17, 2007

My First Blog

Hi, thank you for come to my blog and spend your valuable time to read my blog.

Actually this is my first blog and I think I'm not good in writing. But I try to write this. I'm interested about blogs because it can share people thought around the world, any town, any countries, any continent, all around the world can read this over the web!!. With blog, people share their knowledge, their hobbies, their journey, their carrier, even their business. People can share anything about them and I think it has :). People writes their blog, maybe just for fun, for hobbies, or for business to share any information, or to find anyone who has same interest, any friends, or... maybe somebody has falling in love with someone when he/she read her/his blog? I don't know... but I think it's so possible, what do You think? Or you're the one on it?

I knew about blog for the first time in a magazine but I'm still not interested. I like internet, i like browsing some site, download program, I tried some business over the internet. Someday I have read article about blog again and I started to interested. I read, I try to browse some blog information, provider, even I bought a book about blog. At last, I create account in this blogger, fortunately I already have google account so I can use my google to create this account. Maybe that’s all enough for this time and we’ll be meet through this blog again (of course if you want!). Maybe you can mail me your blog link, so I can stay with you. Thank You!

Next Chapter…

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