Wednesday, April 16, 2008


This is a blog of a webmaster, but he is not writing about web design or anything about website specifically on this blog. This blog called as machinbidule.
He share about his life, and how he like to blogging, just like what he has wrote on his about page, he will say “I got to blogging, let us postpone our call!”. It’s show us how much he love to blogging. What was interesting for me when I visit his blog is the fat cat picture. It’s so fat and funny cat. I don’t like cat, except Garfield, but when I was looking the picture I thought that the cat is so funny cat. And Of course that’s just a little of his blog. He also write about web design, his personal thought, like his post titled as God, and also about software. It’s just like his interest on computer. He also has interest on web programming using PHP, ASP, and some kinds like that to build a site.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Sporty Blogger

Why do I choose “Sporty Blogger” as post title? That’s because the blog that I want to share is about sports. Especially it’s about Ohio state sports site.
For someone who like sports may share their hobbies by blogs. This blog give reviews for sport, specifically for NFL, football, and basketball. This site featured with Ohio State player and recruit interviews. You can get a lot of information on this site. They provide some interviews with basketball athletes and others. You also can get some reviews about sports league. I think I also have to mention it, this site not just provide information but let you discuss about sports with admin and other members. They provide forum on this site besides just news link. So, you can find information and discuss with others and if you think you have any news that doesn’t mentioned yet, you can also share to the forum. At last, if you like about sports, this site would be one of your choices to visit.

Friday, April 11, 2008

My Another Blog

I want to introduce my another blog here. That blog I created to share any thoughts and any knowledge. I also will share about my personal life. That is my second blog, but actually that blog is my first self hosted blog. It powered by Wordpress. After I started this "Blog For You", so I want to create another blog, then I buy a domain and create that blog. That blog titled as The Flipping Magazine. I hope it will bring more traffic to my blog and share more things with others. I still learn and I hope to create better blog.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Download From Blocking Youtube Site

For some country site has been blocked. From this week, is also blocked from Indonesia. But, we still can surfing youtube site using Proxy Server like Proxy Review or Ninja Proxy and some program like that. But maybe we still have problems to download video file from youtube site. An alternative way to download video from youtube, you can use Mozilla Firefox and install Video Downloader Plugin. Plugin name is video downloadhelper.
You just need install this plugin if you already have Mozilla Firefox browser. Then open your video link through proxy service, wait till video show to your browser. If it done, then click the icon and you will get the file name, click on filename and the plugin will download it for you. Mission complete!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Hostgator Error

Today I can't access to Hostgator site. I still don't know what happen with this site. I try to searching on internet if there are some news about this error but I still can't found. I don't know the problem is on hostgator site or on my internet connection. Hope this problem faster to resolve. Please let me know if you read this post and you know about it you can share here.

Friday, April 4, 2008

Nokia N-96

Mobile phone has become an important thing in daily life or maybe it has been a life style too. Mobile phone has been evolving to not just as a communication device but also as a multimedia device. Nokia as one of the biggest mobile phones developer, continually improving their product to fill their customer needs. They not just help to communicate with others but also provide a one stop service for multimedia and entertainment center.

Nokia has presence Nokia N-96 as the next generation for Nokia N-95 that comes early. They make some improvement from N-95. With all feature on Nokia N-96, this phone can be said as a personal window to entertainment. This phone offer ability to capture high quality photos and video that supported by Carl Zeiss optic, flash, and video light. For a superb music experience, the Nokia N96 features media keys, a 3.5 mm headphone connector and built-in 3D stereo speakers. It’s supported by large amount of memory spaces too. They provide 16 GB built in memories and up to 8 GB expandable memory card, so it’s total up to 24 GB of available memory. Like I said before, these phones become one stop service for communication and entertainment. You can see complete information and feature on their website, Nokia N-Series or looking for other products.

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