Thursday, January 10, 2008


Besides news about Mr. Soeharto, news that always hot is about celebrities. I think not just in Indonesia or some country but maybe it's happen on celebrities in all countries, even maybe not all of them. Some news that often to be gossip is about celebrities' love's affairs. In Indonesia today celebrities that have hot gossip are Bams(Samson) - Agnes Monica, Tyas Mirasih-Ricky Harun, Marshanda-Evan, Tukul Arwana-a girls at beauty clinic. Actually (personally) hard to me to believing all about it, but sometime, gossip is coming true, like what happened with Bambang Trihatmojo and Mayangsari, at the beginning they always denied that they have been married but at last they were proofed that they have been married. So I don't know how do you react with all news or gossip about celebrities?

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