Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Blog Advertising - Get Paid to Blog
Blogging, terms for people writing on web log (people used to call it blog), there are a lot of people doing this around the world. Some of them like to share their life or just share their opinion and knowledge. I like to blogging to share my opinion and knowledge.

Some people even can get money from their blog. Nowadays, blog can be one of an effective way to promote our business. We can have our own blog or we can pay people to write their opinion about our site or our services. Smorty is the one of paid to blog broker. Smorty is a service that connecting advertisers and blogger. Advertisers can pay blogger to write their opinion about advertisers service and links back to the advertisers site.

So, if you want to try to advertise on blogs you can try their service, you will get competitive price from them. For bloggers, you can get paid to write your opinion about advertisers site, so you're not just write for yourself but you will get paid for blogging.This is an interested opportunity, isn't?

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