Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Back Online

I’m back online after for a week my unlimited internet connection has been shutdown. From yesterday I have subscribe new internet connection so I can online for 24 hours again. But, there is another problem for me. I have a problem with my modem. I can’t connect my internet using PPPoE mode, and I have to using Bridge mode for now. I can connect to the internet but the problem is I still cannot share the connection with my friends. If I’m using Bridge mode then just one connection for same account can be established. Now, I’m still have to looking how to share my internet connection and also find my modem problem.

Cisco Certification

I was working as an IT staff for two years. Since the company didn’t have special department for IT then my job was every IT related thing on that company. I have to maintained company information system, networking, and also hardware troubleshooting.
There were a lot of experiences I’ve got from my job. I was learning many things that I didn’t ever have on college. It was not just a theory but a real thing. Sometime you’ll never know until you faced it by yourself. I was never having any real experiences before but when I was on real job then I have to face it, even I just have a little knowledge before. I think it is never enough to get knowledge just from college without practicing in a real job. If you want to seriously working in networking world then I think Cisco training is a must for now, since as far as I know they are being world wide networking standard compliant for networking infrastructure and equipments.
Cisco certification can be a value added for you if you want to get a job as network administrator. You will get higher chance, higher position, and of course you will also get higher potential income from your job. There is one or more Cisco certification that you can take. You can take which certification that suit with your interest. It can be about routing, voice, storage, wireless, or else. I think career on computer networking has a bright future, since with computer networking we can connect whole world and computer networking will be growing bigger. So, don’t miss your chance on networking world with Cisco.

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Abandoned Blog for A While

I think I have abandoned this blog for long time enough. It is about to months from my last post. I was busy to maintain my other blogs so I can’t handle this blog. I have told about my two blogs besides this blog. I’m glad that I can get my Google Pagerank back for my blog. But, another blog of mine also has decreased for Google Pagerank. But, at least it still has Pagerank for that blog. Now, I’m still have to increase my blog readership and also for Alexa stat, that’s mean I have to bringing more traffic to my blog. There’re still a lot of thing to do for those blogs.

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