Monday, March 17, 2008

Tracking Your Vehicle

Since a long time ago transportation has been part of our life. The differences are on technology behind the vehicle. New vehicle come with more sophisticated technology to support their functionality so people who ride it fell more convenience and safe to travel anywhere they want to go, and last but not least peoples want more cost efficiency.

Actually, efficiency is not just about how much money we have to pay for some distances we took, but also how much Carbon dioxide(CO2) we produce from our vehicle. We’re all knows that one of hot issue in whole world now is global warming. Cars pollution is a source of glass house effect. We can start to take participation to stop global warming by make our transportation more efficient, we have to try to control it. It’s not just help to stop global warming but it will make you pay less, especially if you have an expedition company or service and trucking company, or even a public transportation.

It can be a real problem to control any expenses for our vehicle which not driven by our self. We need help by some tools. GPS Insight vehicle tracking system can be one of the best choices for your solution. This tool can help you to tracking your vehicles, positions, fuel consumption, idle time, etc. By using their services you can monitoring your vehicle and evaluate your driver or employee efficiency and performance and it can help you to make a right management decision.

With GPS Insight you have ability to report activity detail, fuel consumption, speed violation, vehicle performance, landmark activity, odd hours, Geofence violation, and many others that you can found on their site. With this reports you can make decision to control and how to make your service more efficient so you cost lower and you have more earning. You can also monitor your employee performance, which employee have cheating you or which employee have a good works. This service will not increase your expense much, because it’s cost just $1.5 - $2 per day per vehicle and they don’t bind you to a contract (they offer 60 day cancellation). It also will not give you any difficulties to install because it can be installed by yourself, it’s just an easy thing!

For conclusion, GPS Insight is the right choice for you, who have service and trucking company or any services like them to control your all vehicle to make it more efficient. They offer great service with great price and support. If you interested, you can get their web support on GPS Insight support wiki for customers. You also can read experience from their customers here or read on blog for GPS vehicle tracking.

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