Saturday, December 29, 2007


secretI really don’t have specific idea for my blog. On this post I will share about a film that I have watched last Tuesday, Secret. This is a film by Jay Chou, Taiwanese actor and also a singer. This film is about two people, a boy and a girl that loves music, especially piano. The story begins when Xiao Yi (Lun-Mei Guey) found a music notes that have a title “Secret” on the old piano in music room, and she plays the notes. When the music done she time traveled to some time in the future where she meet Lun (Jay Chou). She is only can seen by person that she saw at first sight after played the notes. They were fell in love. Her journey is not always success, because not always Lun at her first sight. One day there is an misunderstanding when Xiao Yi saw Lun has kissing Chin Ying (Tseng Kai-Xuan). She was sad and decided not to met Lun again. On her actual time she tells the story to her teacher, but her teacher thought that she has no normal mind, her teacher tells her friends to make her convenient, but what they do is the opposite, even her mother has same reaction with her teacher, not believes her. She’s so depressed and decides to discontinue her study. The story is not end yet, but I think it’s better if I left some secret and let you watched on yourself.

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