Wednesday, December 26, 2007


Actually, I create this blog to share what I have learned or sometime about my hobbies too. I have some hobbies, like internet, comics, programming, little about nursery, politics, argue. I think that are the most I like. Sometime ago I don’t understand what I will write on my blog, but on these days I read some blogs and I have some idea to share on my blogs. First time I create this blogs when I knew about adsense and want to trying do that business, but I have failed. Nowadays, I knowing other opportunity to make money from our blog, then I started to search more information and started to activate my blog again. Now, I starting that strategy even still as beginner and just have a little value for now. I have commitment to do this on my best and giving my best effort to gives more value for them. The reason I like to try this business is I want to have a jobs that have a flexible time when I can do it, so I can more flexible to arrange my time to help other people on charity that I have been involved. I hope through this blog, I can build community too. Community has a deep meaning for me.

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